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We are the only company in India to have the largest variety of Multi-Brand Veterinary Surgery Equipment With comprehensive IT background and medical expertise backed up by a powerful team of developers, researchers, and engineers, Dcads family holds pride in Optimising and Transforming Healthcare through the globe. Dcads incorporates innovation, technical knowledge, medical expertise combined with strategic and sustainable solutions to ensure efficiency, availability of specialised equipment used in the operation room. Dcads group of companies are involved in the following operations :-

  • Product Fabrication & Production
  • Equipment Supplies, Accessories and OEM
  • Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing of specialised medical equipment
  • Innovative products for healthcare.

Join us in our mission to bridge the gap within the healthcare sector by letting us know about the problems which you face with respect to your surgery room equipment / instruments. We aim to provide a holistic approach to the problems.

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap within the healthcare sector by innovating, developing and providing affordable technology within an operation room.

service and Repair

What We Do?

Optimising and Transforming Healthcare through the globe ~ Dcads incorporates innovation, technical knowledge, medical expertise combined with strategic and sustainable solutions to ensure efficiency, availability of specialised equipment used in operation room.

Product Fabrication, Production & Operation

Our company is engaged in developing technology solutions. This includes ‘ESU Connect Series’ (Adaptors) for Electrosurgical units of renowned brands like Valleylab Covidien, Bipolar Resection Connector.

We have contracts with companies which provide private labelling for market parts. Our expert team assess part overhauls and arrange cross reference parts on demand of the client. Many accessories, parts and devices that are no longer available by others can be supported by Dcads. This includes foot pedals for Harmonic and Versajet, Motors for microdebriders, instruments for Versajet and parts used directly or indirectly for replacement and repairs (eg. Harmonic, Vessel Sealers, Insufflators). This owes to the company’s IT, Medical, Software and Electronic Expertise.

We are happy to offer adhoc collaboration. Kindly contact us if you are interested.

service and Repair
service and Repair

Equipment Supplies and OEM

Dcads is a renowned name in trading refurbished medical equipment with skilful and innovational mechanics applied within the medical sector. Our company improves performance with quality supplies and technology solutions. We are specialists in providing new and refurbished laparoscopy, endoscopy and general surgery equipment to suppliers, organisations and end users. Our technical mindset facilitates in providing unparalleled support to our customers.

We assure customers about our sincere advice related to equipment. We are compliant in providing OEM parts and tailored parts as per OEM specifications.

Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing

For over a decade, Dcads has been providing services to its customers and has developed a set of services to benefit all areas of surgery. We repair and provide servicing for endoscopy and laparoscopy cameras & couplers, insufflators, light source, vessel sealers, harmonic scalpels, ultrasonic hand pieces, surgical monitors, foot pedals, handheld devices and many more.

We are focussed in providing high quality and fairly prices repairs. This also includes challenging repairs like Karl Storz Image 1 HD Hub, Medtronic M2, M4, M5 Microdebriders, Midas Rex EM200.

To arrange a free consultation, Kindly WhatsApp us at +1 437 777 8450 or drop us an email at



Software, IT and Management System

We provide IT related support for equipment like calibration of equipment.


Reliability & Ethical Dealing

We deal fairly, irrespective of the country, organisation and customer database. Owing to our dynamic team, customers globally have entrusted faith in us.


Bespoke Service, Customer Assistance and After Sales Support

Our team provides personalised experience to each and every customer. We assure customer satisfaction at every step. When it comes to discussing problems, seeking solutions; our customers always count on us.



All our products and services carry a warranty period on usage.


Online Consultancy and Problem Solving

service and Repair


Apart from the equipment, we have inventory for spare parts, OEM, PCB’s, DVI boards, IC’s, accessories used with equipment, internal components, filters for insufflators, special connectors and cables and smart solutions for equipment used in an operation room.

We are among a handful of companies in the world to provide online consultation for medical equipment and wherever possible, we inspect and provide solution right there.

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