Adaptor for Ligasure port of Ligasure 8 Sealer : Make any Instrument Work on Ligasure 8 WITH CE mark & BSI standard. Brand New Adaptor for Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing Unit 8 : makes all Instruments Compatible on Ligasure generator .


If you wish to use all the new/to be launched Covidien/Medtronics instruments and the instruments made for Force Triad, work on your old LS 8 unit then Here is a wizardry product which makes it possible.

Any brand of open laparoscopic instrument/grasper is 100% compatible on ligasure machine with ligasure adaptor.

Any new instrument of Covidien or Medtronics also works with handswitch in older LigaSure Machine which otherwise is not possible without the adaptor. 

 * Lifetime warranty unless any physical damage.