Adaptor for Valleylab Covidien Force Triad 8 & FT10.

Specifications/Features of the Adaptor :-

WORKS FOR ForceTriad 8.

* Make All New or To be launched Instruments by Covidien work with OLDER SOFTWARE VERSIONS of Force Triad (including 3.4, 35, 3.6 etc software versions) without any upgrade.

* Connect ALL Instruments of any brand or make at the LigaSure port of the Force Triad machine. This also Includes connecting any Brand of Bipolar Instrument (Biclamp / Bipolar forceps) to be connected on Ligasure port (Ligasure 1 or Ligasure 2 port)

~ Any brand of Laparoscopic Grasper/open Instrument by any company or any brand (German, French, US, UK) will work with Force Triad 8.

* The bipolar instruments and the Biclamp that connect only at the bipolar port, can be connected with this adaptor to the Ligasure port, saving time and enhancing functional ability of the instruments specially during soft tissue surgeries like thyroid, prostate & urology.