Adaptor for Valleylab Force Fx (Force 2, Force FX, FX-C, Force 2, FX8 Diathermy Cautery).

USE ALL LIGASURE/COVIDIEN INSTRUMENTS With FORCE FX (any model). For connecting all Ligasure/Covidien Instruments and Graspers on Bipolar Port of Force Fx. Just as you would connect any instrument at Ligasure port of Ligasure unit or Force Triad unit (to connect Covidien LS or LF series of instruments like LF1212, LF4318, LF1637 or any other laparoscopic grasper) to seal the vessels; in the same way you can connect Covidien instruments with our Force Fx adaptor at the ‘Bipolar Port’.

This will lead to vessel sealing with the bipolar current. Same surgical efficiency , few extra seconds.

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