Condition – Brand New in date Brand – Ethicon Product Name : Ethicon FCS17 Harmonic Focus+ Long Curved Shears 17cm Description The HARMONIC FOCUS+ Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology is today’s standard for head and neck surgery—enabling fine dissection and sealing of vessels up to 5mm in head and neck procedures.

Features :

• Use of HARMONIC Technology in pancreatectomy saved approximately 30 minutes as compared to clamp, cut, and tie

• Curved fine tip for fine dissection, cutting, coagulating and grasping.

• Seals vessels up to and including 5mm as well as lymphatics. • Minimal lateral thermal spread for dissection near vital structures.

• Comfortable, familiar scissors grip feels like a natural extension of your hand.

• Activation with multiple hand positions, thanks to 240° trigger rings.

• A curved blade and clamp arm with teflon tissue pad.

• Slimmer design improves visualization and control in narrow spaces† and around delicate nerves. The curved, tapered tip allows precision and speed in your head and neck procedures.

• HARMONIC FOCUS+ Shears reduced total operative time by 31 percent and reduced intraoperative blood loss by 45ml.**

Specifications :

Brand Ethicon Model Harmonic Focus FCS17 Top Length 17 cm Shear Type Curved