Condition – Brand New in date Brand – Ethicon Product Name : Harmonic Focus + Long Shears

Description The HARMONIC FOCUS SHEARS + ADAPTIVE TISSUE TECHNOLOGY are indicated for soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired. The HARMONIC FOCUS+ Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology is today’s standard for head and neck surgery—enabling fine dissection and sealing of vessels up to 5mm in head and neck procedures.

Features :

• Harmonic Focus shears are sterile, consisting of a soft grip scissor handle housing assembly & two hand controls for power • The instrument has a curved blade and clamp arm with teflon tissue pad

• Measured from the blade tip to the MAX hand control power button, the instrument is 17 cm in length with a 16 mm active blade length

• The Harmonic Focus instrument allows for the cutting and coagulation of vessels up to and including 5 mm in diameter

• They are compatible with Ethicon Endo Gen11 energy generator


: Product Category

: Energy Sealing and Dissecting Product Group

: Ultrasonic Devices Description

: Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip Length

: 17cm Jaw/Tip Configuration

: Curved Surgical Approach

: Open Category

: Energy Sealing and Dissecting