Condition – Refurbished

Brand – Karl Storz


The TRICAM® SLI camera control unit (CCU) is an endoscopy camera control unit for use with TRICAM® 3-chip camera heads. It offers many features, including: • Camera functions for use in all disciplines, accessible through camera head buttons or keyboard • Customization of the camera by programming the two camera head buttons for four functions. • All-digital CCU circuitry for increased image accuracy and less noise in the image • Digital image enhancement and fiberoptic endoscope filtering capabilities to increase the level of contrast and image sharpness • Multiple options for exposure control, including patented automatic exposure system.

The TRICAM® SL II CCU is a video system which is attached to either a rigid or flexible endoscope* as well as to microscopes and is intended and designed for use during general endoscopic procedures. Use of the camera in other applications is not allowed for safety reasons. To use the TRICAM® C-mount camera head together with endoscopes, a special adaptor is required. This CCU may only be used with accessories, wearing parts, and disposable items which are designated by KARL STORZ as suitable for the camera or the safe use of which is proven. For safety reasons, do not perform unauthorized conversions or modifications to the camera.