Condition –Brand New in date Brand – Covidien The LigaSure Impact instrument (LF4318), working exclusively with the ForceTriad energy platform, combines TissueFect sensing technology with hand activation and an integrated cutting mechanism to create a multifunctional vessel sealing system that provides consistent, controlled tissue effect .

Specifications :

Length – 7.1 Inch Shaft

Tip Type – Curved Jaws

Features :

 For use with the ForceTriad Energy Platform v3.5 or higher

 Instrument design accomodates a wide variety of hand sizes

 Operates right or left handed

 Hand activated

 Actively monitors changes in tissue impedance

 Creates reliable seals and fast seal cycles

 Seals and cuts vessels up to 7mm

 Seals vessels on average in 2 - 4 seconds

 36 mm Electrode Length

 34 mm Cut Length

 Shaft Rotates 180°