Safety Trocar 10 MM

Brand New Safety trocars include a spring-loaded safety shield which is adapted to cover the trocar tip once the body cavity has been entered so as to provide an increased level of protection to internal structures from puncture or laceration.

Trocar assembly which consists of two subassemblies: a trocar subassembly which includes a sharp-tipped trocar and a spring-loaded tubular safety shield positioned there around, and a cannula subassembly. When ready for use, the trocar and safety shield of the trocar subassembly are inserted through the cannula. The safety shield is initially in its distal-most position covering the trocar tip.

Exertion of pressure against the skin with the trocar causes the shield to be pushed back against the spring to expose the piercing tip of the trocar. The tip penetrates the skin and underlying tissue with continued pressure. Once the tip has penetrated through the wall and has entered the cavity, the force against the front end of the shield ceases and the shield is automatically moved back to its distally extended position. Viscera and other internal tissue are thus protected from contact with the sharp piercing tip and potential damage therefrom. .