STRYKER SYSTEM 5SAGGITAL SAW System 5 Saggital Saw Brand: Stryker Pre Owned Intended Use: The Stryker System 5 Battery Powered Heavy Duty Sagittal Saw is an oscillating cutting device used for cutting away bone and bone related tissue. Features and Functions : • Battery Latch - Depress the latch to release the battery pack from the handpiece. • Battery Pack - Contains a rechargeable battery that provides power to the handpiece. • Blade Lock Button - The button allows the insertion and release of the blade. • Blade Retainer- The retainer holds the blade. • Sagittal Head - The sagittal head may be indexed in 45° increments and can turn in a complete 360° rotation to achieve the desired cutting angle. • Trigger Switch - The trigger is pressure sensitive for variable speed operation. When rotated, the trigger switch allows the cutting tool to operate in STD (standard), SAFE and FAST mode.